Tumble Tots 18-24 months


In this class, we focus on creative movement, but we also want to develop a great foundation of body awareness and  proper use of gymnastics equipment.  We will have one focus skill each week with which we will challenge these little ones.  They will begin to learn the names of equipment and how to properly use each apparatus.  This class will help them do activities like running and jumping, hanging from the bars (always with assistance), and the basics of rolling forward, backward, and sideways.

​FunBus Flippers 2-5 years

With this age group, we challenge the students with full attempts of skills like forward & backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, swings, pullovers, walking on the beam, and running and jumping combinations.  They still receive a lot of assistance, but the range of skills vastly increase.

As students mature, they will be working to execute the above skills independently.  This is where the confidence really starts to show.  We challenge them with more technique, more strength, and more flexibility.  With this age group, we are able to encourage  better execution of each skill.  The skills they take away from this class will most definitely prepare them for whichever sport or activity they'll choose as they head in to their next athletic adventures.